Guardian Medical Unveils Atlas Tubes: Next Generation in Sterile Protection for Long Medical Devices

Guardian Medical Unveils Atlas Tubes: Next Generation in Sterile Protection for Long Medical Devices

Guardian Medical, a leader in innovative packaging solutions for the medical device industry, proudly introduces Atlas Tubes, the latest addition to its CapSure™ family of pre-validated packaging solutions. The Atlas Tubes represent a significant advancement in sterile barrier technology, specifically engineered for long medical devices like IM nails, rods, wires, and pins.

This new product line offers unparalleled protection against the punctures, tears, and breaches that are commonly associated with traditional sterile barrier packaging methods. The Atlas Tubes are designed as a single-barrier protection system ranging from 200-500mm in length, that improves protection of the medical devices and also simplifies the handling and operational procedures in the operating room.

Key Features and Benefits of Atlas Tube:

  • Significantly reduces packaging components and improves operational efficiency by cutting down waste, storage, and shipping costs.
  • Defends against seal barrier breaches, such as punctures or tears, mitigating risks associated with conventional packaging methods.
  • Available in multiple lengths, accommodating a wide range of devices.
  • Ensures ease of opening and a safe, aseptic transfer of implants into the sterile field with the pre-validated CapSure seal/closure mechanism.
"We are thrilled to expand our CapSure™ product line with the introduction of the Atlas Tubes, which directly addresses the need for dependable and efficient sterile packaging for elongated medical devices," said Tracy Momany, President and CEO of Guardian Medical. "Atlas Tubes simplify the packaging process for manufacturers and healthcare providers alike, ensuring that even the longest devices are protected with the utmost integrity."

The development of Atlas Tube reflects Guardian Medical's commitment to continuous innovation and its dedication to improving the efficiency of medical procedures. By reducing the complexity and size of packaging, Atlas Tube supports sustainable practices within the healthcare industry.

To explore how the Atlas Tube can transform sterile packaging processes and to learn more about its advantages, visit Guardian Medical at the upcoming OMTEC conference in Chicago at booth 342 or contact us directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Guardian Medical

Guardian Medical is committed to excellence in the medical device packaging sector. We design, develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative sterile packaging solutions that ensure the safety and sterility of medical devices and implants. With a focus on pioneering new technologies and sustainable practices, Guardian Medical continues to lead the industry towards safer, more efficient medical device packaging.

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