The CapSure, system features a range of injection molded packaging components that are pre-validated and readily available. Our unique CapSure seal provides unparalleled barrier protection. As evidence of this CapSure has a 10-year shelf-life. Our tubes have been designed to work independent of each other but also are capable of nesting inside one another. This exceptional versatility provides every possible type of barrier packaging option along with the highest level of implant protection. 

Our package is designed for efficient sterile transfer as the inner component is designed to extend above the top of the body, and the sterile area extends from the top of the body all the way down to the top of the black seal.


CapSure is also available in a series of blow molded polypropylene tubes that can be sized from 200mm-500mm. They utilize the CapSure seal/closure and various implant holders. Primarily these tubes provide single barrier protection. 


Sterile Medical Packaging

When choosing a solution that’s cost-effective, easy to identify, logistically exceptional, and intuitive to use there is only one choice! Guardian Medical, Advancing Sterile Packaging.

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