Racking & Organization Packaging

At Guardian Medical, we utilize CapSure's exceptional space efficiency by implementing an in-process tray system for each size of the CapSure package. These trays, made from PETG and stackable in design, are used during the processing of your package. They are also perfect for stocking shelves and transporting packages to the sterilizer.


The CapSure Field Organizer

We have also constructed a basic organization and stacking system for use in the field, to ship and transport surgery sets. Constructed from open and closed-cell corrugated plastic, the system can be transported from a warehouse all the way to a hospital. The closed-cell corrugated racks can be used in the OR.  The racks are configured to display the tops of the tubes and the tamper proof labels which are color coded and printed with sizing information to enable fast and efficient device identification during surgeries.

Our basic set includes four closed cell plastic corrugated racks each holding 56 implants. Our outer shipper holds four of these racks.

The system can be designed and customized for any implant set.


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