AmeriStar Medical Device Packaging Award

Guardian Medical USA Inc. Wins the AmeriStar Medical Device Packaging Award

[SWANTON, OH. August 4, 2023] - Guardian Medical, a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions for the medical device industry, has won the esteemed 2023 Ameristar Award Packaging competition, naming CapSure™ as the award winner in the Medical Device category. 

The company's groundbreaking CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System has earned recognition for its exceptional performance and transformative impact on orthopedic implant packaging.

Hosted and judged by a distinguished jury of packaging professionals and industry experts, the AmeriStar Awards Competition aims to identify the best in professional packaging design solutions. The contest sets high criteria, requiring distinct features and advantages that deliver tangible value. Among numerous impressive submissions, Guardian Medical's CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System stood out as an exemplary innovation in the field.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized as the award winner by the IoPP," said Tracy Momany, President and CEO of Guardian Medical. "The packages we submitted for the competition are used by SI-Bone and Enovis, two highly successful and well-known medical device companies. We are grateful to them for helping us win the award. Our key supplier PTI is also due thanks for their contributions to making CapSure™ the high-quality system it is today. Janco was instrumental in these innovative packaging solutions as well."

The CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System is a true game-changer in the industry, offering a winning combination of exceptional performance and economic efficiency. The system is designed to provide unparalleled protection for orthopedic implants, with a focus on reducing waste and optimizing the supply chain.

"This award couldn't have happened without our team of professionals, whose dedication and passion have been instrumental in bringing the CapSure™ Sterile Barrier Packaging System to life," said Natalie Holobaugh, Operations Manager at Guardian Medical. "Everyone at Guardian Medical should be genuinely thrilled at having contributed their best efforts, enabling the company to win this important award in the packaging industry."

Guardian Medical's success is a testament to its talented team's dedication and hard work. The company takes pride in recognizing the invaluable contributions of each employee who demonstrates commitment and expertise in packaging clients' implants with the CapSure™ system.

To learn more about Guardian Medical's award-winning packaging solutions, visit their website or contact them via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also see the full list of AmeriStar Award winners here.

About Guardian Medical

Guardian Medical is a company that specializes in creating advanced packaging solutions for medical devices. We design, develop, manufacture, and distribute sterile packaging and packaging services to ensure the safety and sterility of medical devices and implants. Our focus on innovation allows us to offer unique and efficient sterile packaging solutions to the medical industry.

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